Why am I having this issue?

In order to provide the best experience for managing incidents, we need to be able to create channels inside your Slack workspace. There's two types of channel that we create:

  1. The main #incidents announcement channel. This is created during install, and is used as a place to announce new incidents as they happen.

  2. Individual #inc-... channels, which are created whenever you declare a new incident, and used to coordinate your response.

As channel creation is a core feature of the product, we'll prevent you from installing us if we detect workspace settings that'll prevent us from working correctly.

🛠 Fixing the problem

You'll need a workspace admin to do this!

If you find yourself in this situation, head to your Slack workspace settings.

Make sure the People who can create public channels setting is set to Everyone except guests.

That's it! Now install away and start having better incidents 🙂

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