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What data do you collect?
What data do you collect?
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We generally collect as little information from you as required to do our job.

Here is an exhaustive list of the data we currently collect from you, or from your workspace when you grant us access to Slack.

  • The name of your company, and the Slack Team ID of your Slack workspace. We use the installation to store an access token that grants us the permissions with the above scopes.

  • The name, Slack user ID and avatar URL of users who interact with the web app, or the bot.

  • A description of an action (a task that you would like someone to do during or after an incident), the current state of that action (outstanding, or completed), and who is assigned to be the owner of that action.

  • The name of an incident, the summary description of the incident, the severity of the incident, the URL of any document that you set to be associated with an incident, and the URL of any video conferencing call you set to be associated with an incident. We cannot view this document, or the call, as they are URLs: they should be internal to your organisation.

  • Who and when people joined or left incident channels (so we can determine who was involved in the incident at a particular time)

  • Who and when people sent messages in incident channels (so we can determine who is participating in the incident — we do not store the content of these messages)

  • Who and when someone pinned a Slack message

  • Who and when someone posted a message containing a link to a third party of interest (such as GitHub, or Sentry).

💡 This does not include data that we create internally, such as autogenerated IDs that link all of entities together.

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