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Instructions for installing on-call calculator
Instructions for installing on-call calculator
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Initial Setup 🤝

To install, head to You'll be asked to 'Sign in with Slack'. We'll create an account for you and store some basic information, like your name and avatar.

You'll then be asked to 'Add to Slack'. When you've done this, we'll create you an #incidents channel, and install the app into your workspace. At this point, everything should be ready to go.


We ask for a restricted set of permissions in order for to work. Read more in our Security FAQs.

Connect to OpsGenie

If you are using OpsGenie then you will first need to set up the OpsGenie integration by going to the Settings → Integrations and clicking Install.

Then visit the On-call pay page to create your first report.

On-call pay

On the left-hand side menu, click on On-call pay.

Connect to PagerDuty

Click on ‘Connect to PagerDuty’

Enter your API key and Click Next.

This will save your PagerDuty API key and allow us to make requests against your account, which we'll use when generating on-call pay reports.

You're now done!

You have now created and configured your account with access to PagerDuty, which allows you to use our on-call pay feature.

Visit On-call Pay > Reports > Create to start creating reports.

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