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Instructions for installing on-call calculator (from
Instructions for installing on-call calculator (from

Our free on-call pay calculator will provide you with a simple report of how much your team is owed, depending on time spent on call.

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Just connect your PagerDuty or OpsGenie account, let us know how much you pay for on-call, and we'll do the rest.

🛠️ Initial Setup

Head over to You'll be asked to 'Sign in with Slack'. We'll create an account for you and store some basic information, like your name and avatar.

Connecting OpsGenie 📟

If you are using OpsGenie then you will first need to set up the OpsGenie integration by going to the Settings → Integrations and clicking Install.

Then visit the On-call pay page to create your first report.

Connecting PagerDuty 📟

You’ll then be asked to “Connect to PagerDuty”.

Generate a PagerDuty API Access Key 🔑

Log-in to your PagerDuty account

1️⃣ Under Integrations, select API Access Keys

2️⃣ Click Create New API Key

3️⃣ Call it "", then click Create Key.

Note: A read-only token will let you calculate on-call pay, but won't work with /incident escalate, workflows, or PagerDuty auto-create.

4️⃣ Copy the new key and paste it in the set-up page - then click Create report.

Once you're happy with a report, you can share it with everyone on the rota, your finance team or anyone else. All the data is also available as a CSV!

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