Our free on-call pay calculator will provide you with a simple report of how much your team is owed, depending on time spent on call.

Just connect your PagerDuty account, let us know how much you pay for on-call, and we'll do the rest.

Initial Setup 🤝

Head over to incident.io/on-call. You'll be asked to 'Sign in with Slack'. We'll create an account for you and store some basic information, like your name and avatar.

Connecting PagerDuty 📟

You’ll then be asked to “Connect to PagerDuty”.

Generate a PagerDuty API Access Key 🔑

Log-in to your PagerDuty account

  1. Under Integrations, select API Access Keys

2. Click Create New API Key

3. Call it "incident.io", then click Create Key.

Note: A read-only token will let you calculate on-call pay, but won't work with /incident escalate, workflows, or PagerDuty auto-create.

4. Copy the new key and paste it in the incident.io set-up page - then click Create report.

Once you're happy with a report, you can share it with everyone on the rota, your finance team or anyone else. All the data is also available as a CSV!

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