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Manage your account with Terraform
Manage your account with Terraform

Configure account settings via's Terraform provider

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We maintain an official Terraform provider for With this provider you can manage account configuration such as:

  • Custom fields

  • Incident severities

  • Incident roles

  • Incident statuses

This allows you to bring account configuration into the same code review and approval cycle as you'd use for other key infrastructure and allows syncing information about your infrastructure or organisation into, such as a list of services or teams.

As an example, this is how you might configure a custom field for affected services:

provider "incident" {}

resource "incident_custom_field" "impacted_services" {
name = "Impacted Services"
description = "The services that are impacted by this incident."
field_type = "multi_select"
required = "always"

show_before_creation = true
show_before_closure = true
show_before_update = true
show_in_announcement_post = true

resource "incident_custom_field_option" "impacted_services" {
# Load this from your service catalog, config file, or anywhere.
for_each = toset([
"Payments Service",
"API Gateway",
"Transaction Ledger",

custom_field_id =
value = each.value

πŸ“„ Full documentation on how to use the provider and all its resources can be found in the Terraform registry at incident-io/incident. This includes example code and attribute definitions.

Example usage for incident custom fields

πŸ“” If you need a refresher on how to provision your infrastructure with Terraform, check out Hashicorp's tutorials and documentation.

In the meantime, if you run into any issues or if you have any feedback, please get in touch πŸ‘‹

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