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Want to get started with sub-pages? Check out this guide.

πŸ€” What are sub-pages and when do I need them?

Sub-pages are useful if you have users that need a more specific view of the health of all of the different services, systems, products, or regions that you offer/operate within.

For example, if you have a product offering with multiple products and the users of those products are independent from each other, you may want a sub-page per product. Another example is that you have a regional separation in your company, and you would like a status page for each of those regions.

πŸ“š How are they different from status pages?

Sub-pages are powered by Catalog.

Using catalog, you can build a representation of your business. For example, for each location, you could associate a number of relevant system components.

Some components could be included on every status page, while others are shown or hidden based on need.

To understand how to set up your catalog for sub-pages, read our guide.

πŸ‘€ Who can see sub-pages?

Your sub-pages are publicly available. Each sub-page will have it's own URL, and users will be able to navigate between all of your sub-pages.

πŸ”“ How do I get access to them?

Sub-pages are available on our Enterprise plan.

✍️ How do I publish incidents on my sub-pages?

When you’re publishing an incident to a status page, you will select the components which are impacted, and will automatically route updates to the relevant status pages.

πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ How do I set up my sub-pages?

βš™οΈ How do I configure my sub-pages?

You can change the configuration of all of your status pages in Status Pages > [Your Status Page] > Settings. In the settings you can adjust which sub-pages you have, adjust branding, apply custom domains, and much more.

πŸ“₯ Can users subscribe to them?

Yes! We offer email, Slack, and RSS subscriptions for all of our status pages.

🫣 Can I remove specific sub-pages from showing an incident?

Yes! If an incident is no longer affecting a component, you change the status of that component when providing an update, which will mark things as resolved. However, if you want to remove the incident from the sub-page entirely, you can manually remove a sub-page from an incident in by clicking the "..." > "Delete incident from sub-page" in the right-panel of a status page incident dashboard (not the status page itself).

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