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On-call notifications and preferences
On-call notifications and preferences

How to set up your notifications and preferences to alert you the right way Engineering Team avatar
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On-call uses multiple channels (Mobile app, phone, SMS, Slack and email) to notify you of upcoming shifts and escalations.

You'll be able to use either the dashboard or the mobile app to add your contact methods and set notification rules.

Contact methods and notification preferences

Set up all contact methods you'd like to use within the dashboard. You can find your preferences by clicking your profile and then choosing preferences.

Your Slack and email notifications should already be setup for you here by default but we'd also highly recommend adding your phone and downloading the mobile app as it is one of the most popular contact methods when escalations arise.

After having all the methods you want to use for notifications, you can choose how we should notify you when you are on-call or are being escalated to.

We have sensible default rules for your notifications but you can edit those rules depending on what works best for you.

Additionally, it's important to have reminders to know when you are about to be on-call. Below On-call notifications, you can adjust your shift change rules to ensure you remember to be ready for your next shift!

Mobile app settings

When you have downloaded the mobile app and signed in via Slack or SAML, we will guide you to an onboarding flow to help you set up the right notifications. This will include:

1️⃣ Enabling Push Notifications

2️⃣ Enabling Critical Notifications

3️⃣ Saving our Contact Card on your phone

4️⃣ Verifying your phone number

5️⃣ Bypassing the 'Do not disturb' mode

Doing all the above ensures that you will not miss any important updates or notifications! You will be able to review all settings in the mobile app later on.


After setting up all notifications and preferences, you can test that all notifications paths work. Just click "Test" on mobile or the bell icon on the web app and you should receive a test message to the right channel.

Mobile app preferences

Additionally, you will be able to change appearance between Light and Dark mode on the settings page of the mobile app. You can also just follow the device's theme you have set up.

💡You can find more details about bypassing the 'Do not disturb' mode in iOS and Android in this help article

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