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Adding Chronosphere as an alert source
Adding Chronosphere as an alert source Engineering Team avatar
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This article provides step by step instructions for setting up Chronosphere as an alert source within

🛠 Instructions

1️⃣ Head over to the Alerts section in your dashboard

2️⃣ Select the sources tab at the top of the page

3️⃣ Press the 'New alert source' button

4️⃣ Search for 'Chronosphere' and click continue to create the alert source

5️⃣ Head over to the Chronosphere dashboard, and find the Notifiers page under the Alerts section in the menu bar

6️⃣ Create a new notifier by clicking the green button which says 'Create notifier'. Choose a name and select 'Webhook' as the type of notifier. Enter in the URL which we provide in the dashboard after completing step 4.

7️⃣ After saving the notifier, go to the 'Notification policies' page which can be found in the Alerts section as in step 5, above 'Notifiers'.

8️⃣ Create a new Notification policy by clicking the green button which says 'Create notification policy'. Choose your notification policy name and parent team, and then add (or whichever notifier you just set up) as a critical alert notifier. You may also wish to add it as a warning alert notifier.

9️⃣ Now, whenever you create a new monitor within Chronosphere, you can select your new notification policy, which will send alerts the alert source that you set up in

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