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Teams in Insights: Troubleshooting
Teams in Insights: Troubleshooting

Having problems with surfacing Teams in Insights? This guide will answer your questions.

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This page is an FAQ for any issues you're facing with the Teams dashboard in Insights.

I've set up Teams in Catalog, but I'm still seeing the welcome screen in Insights. What have I done wrong?

If you see this screen when you open Insights:

It generally means one of two things:

  1. You haven't followed the Setting up Teams in Catalog guide. If that's the case, please read the entire article.

  2. Your User β†’ Teams Backlink is multi-value (e.g. Users can belong to multiple teams). This is not supported because if a User is associated with multiple teams, it's not possible to assign the hours worked to a given Team, and we want to avoid double counting. To check if you have this issue:

    1. Head to the User catalog type and hit Edit type

    2. For the "Team" attribute, check that the Multi value toggle is off

      1. If it's on, you'll need to ensure that each User is only mapped to a single Team, and then toggle this off. If you simply toggle it off whilst having Users mapped to multiple Teams, we'll arbitrarily choose the first Team they're mapped too.

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