What's incident.io?
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Great to have you with us, glad you found incident.io 👋

What's incident.io?

Fair question! 😅

We're a Slack-powered incident management platform. We help high-growth companies like yours declare, collaborate, communicate around and learn from events that disturb their normal course of business - from critical infrastructure being down, to data breaches and security incidents.

We’re already helping hundreds of happy customers like Etsy, Miro, Hashicorp, Skyscanner, and StubHub reduce their downtime and answer questions like:

  • I just got pulled into an incident: what’s happening, and how bad is it?

  • Do we have the right people in the room to help?

  • Where’s the post-mortem?"

  • How many incidents did we have this month? How long did it take us to solve?

We hope you'll be one of them! 😊

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