What is a debrief?

What is an incident debrief, and how can they be attached/detached from an incident.

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A debrief is a Google Calendar event used for regrouping after an incident has been resolved. During a debrief, it's common to:

  • Discuss the post-mortem

  • Create follow-ups to stop the incident from happening again

  • Invite incident responders and some key stakeholders

It may be called different names, but for now, we're referring to it as a debrief within incident.io.

If you are using our Google Calendar integration and include the incident ID (e.g. INC-108) within the title or description of the Google Calendar event, then we will post the following in the incident Slack channel:

If you answer "Yes, it's a debrief" to this message, then we will pull through the details of the Google Calendar event and share them with the incident Slack channel:

Removing a debrief

If you have followed the flow above to attach a Google Calendar event as a debrief to an incident, you can always remove it from the sidebar on the incident details page:

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