Connecting Opsgenie for on-call management

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In an incident, at the boundaries of your knowledge and need help to figure something out? We've all been there.

With incident.io, you can use /incident escalate to directly page users in Slack β€” no need to log into Opsgenie, search around and find the right place!

You can also automatically trigger incidents when an alert fires in Opsgenie using our Incident Triggers feature.

πŸ›  Setting Up

You can connect Opsgenie to incident.io in just a few clicks.

⛔️ For this integration to work, your Opsgenie account will need to be on the 'Standard' or 'Enterprise' plan. This is a limitation of Opsgenie, where they restrict access to the Incidents API to these tiers.

1️⃣ Go to Settings > Integrations

2️⃣ Press 'Install' next to Opsgenie

3️⃣ Fetch your API key from Opsgenie

You'll need to create an API key by heading to the settings page of your Opsgenie account.

You can find this by heading to 'Settings' and then scrolling down to 'API key management'. The page will look something like this:

Click Add new API key

  • Call it "incident.io"

  • Set access rights:

    • We require Read, Create, Delete, Update and Configuration access

    • We require a 'Global integration' API Key

    • We don't delete resources that aren't managed by incident.io

    • We will create 2 integrations one of type `API` and another of type `Webhook`: we need the deletion permission so that we can clean up any resources we create if you were to uninstall the Opsgenie integration

πŸ“‹ Copy the key to your clipboard.

4️⃣ Paste the API key from your clipboard into the incident.io modal

Hit Save, and you're all set up with Opsgenie! πŸŽ‰

πŸ”” Escalating an incident

Just head over to the incident's Slack channel and hit /incident escalate.

Who can I page?

  • A team: we'll use the settings you've defined for the team to page whoever's on-call.

  • Any user on Opsgenie: sometimes, you know that special someone that can help you out when you get stuck. Escalate to them directly, and bring them in to help.

  • Both the above at once! In the middle of a particularly gnarly incident? You can page multiple teams and individuals all at once πŸ˜…

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