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How do I fix the "not in this incident's channel" error?
How do I fix the "not in this incident's channel" error? Engineering Team avatar
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You might see this message on incidents where the channel has been archived:

When this happens, it usually means the incident channel has been archived. There's two ways to resolve this:

1️⃣ Unarchive the channel

In Slack, click on the channel name, and then click "Unarchive channel" in the "Settings" tab:

Refresh the incident homepage and we'll pull in those pinned messages.

2️⃣ Store incident channel messages in

Under Settings > Security, enable "Store incident channel messages" and click save. This means we'll store a copy of pinned messages, so you can review the timeline even after the channel has been archived. Read more about how we handle your incident data here.

To have your old timeline messages imported, you'll need to enable privileged Slack access. We'll temporarily unarchive your archived channels to import the pinned messages, then archive them again to keep your workspace nice and tidy.

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