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Troubleshooting: no_bot_scopes_requested error
Troubleshooting: no_bot_scopes_requested error

Fix the no_bot_scopes_requested error when attempting to Sign in with Slack Engineering Team avatar
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Updated over a week ago

The problem

When logging into after clicking the "Sign in with Slack" button, you see this error: no_bot_scopes_requested

no_bot_scopes_requested error

This happens when you're attempting to login with a Slack Enterprise (a.k.a. Organisation), as opposed to a Slack Workspace.

The solution

To fix, you should click the drop-down in the top right, and pick a Workspace, instead of an Organisation. For example, "Aloha Pizzas" is a Workspace. Whereas "Pineapple Enterprise" is an enterprise

More debugging

Don't see any Workspaces? Login to slack within your browser, then try again

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