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How to schedule maintenance on your status page, and have updates automatically posted Engineering Team avatar
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🤔 How do maintenance windows work?

A maintenance window is similar to an unscheduled incident, but with a few differences:

  • It must have a set time window which confirms when you expect components to not be working as normal.

  • Scheduled maintenance windows appear in your status page in advance, to help your customers plan around it.

  • Optionally, maintenance windows can progress to ‘in progress’ at the start time, and then to ‘completed’ at the end of the maintenance window. Automated updates will not notify your subscribers.

    ⚠️ If you disable this, you’ll need to manually update the status of the maintenance window when it is in progress and when it is completed.

‘In progress’ maintenance windows will appear on your status page as ongoing issues for your customers to be aware of.

📅 How do I schedule a maintenance window?

In your status page dashboard, click ‘Schedule maintenance’ to open the form:

This is similar to the ‘publish incident’ flow, but there’s a few differences. Let’s walk through the form.

1️⃣ First choose a name: we’ll use this anywhere that links to this maintenance window, and as the subject line in any emails to subscribers.

2️⃣ Next choose whether to automate this maintenance.

By default, we’ll automatically update your maintenance window to be ‘in progress’ at the scheduled start time, and to ‘completed’ at the scheduled end time.

3️⃣ Now select the start and end time of the maintenance window.

4️⃣ The message is where you explain the anticipated impact of this maintenance event.

This will be shown on the status page for this maintenance window, and optionally sent to your subscribers.

5️⃣ Finally select which components will be affected.

This helps your customers understand whether they’ll be impacted by this maintenance event.

As with an unscheduled incident, click ‘Review’ to double-check before you publish to your status page.

We will not notify your subscribers automatically when the maintenance window starts and end.

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