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On your status page, incidents are presented with colour-coded icons depending on a few criteria. These appear in the main heads-up banner, the system status section, and the incident calendar:

Main 'heads-up' banner
System status section
The incident calendar

Scheduled maintenance is always presented with a blue spanner icon.

Unscheduled incidents are presented with a warning triangle that's either grey for "no impact", yellow for "degraded performance", orange for "partial outage", or red for "full outage", depending on the impact of the incident.

  1. If an incident is ongoing, we'll show the icon for the the worst current impact

  2. If an incident is ongoing, but has no impact (for example if impact has been mitigated and you're now in 'monitoring'), we'll show a grey impact icon

  3. When an incident is resolved, we show the worst impact it had on each day in the calendar and system status components. For example, if you had a full outage from 11pm until midnight and a partial outage from midnight until 2am, the incident would appear as red on the first day and orange on the second day.

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