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Migrating from Atlassian Statuspage
Migrating from Atlassian Statuspage

How to migrate your status page to Engineering Team avatar
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We can import your page setup, incident and maintenance history, and subscribers from Atlassian Statuspage.

To do this, you will need to have the integration with Atlassian Statuspage enabled within This can be found under Integrations in the Settings section of the dashboard.

Once that has been enabled, just pop over to the Status Pages section of the dashboard and click on the 'Let's go' link to begin the migration.

Clicking on 'Let's go' will provide some details about what happens next, namely:

As mentioned in the UI, we won't import your subscribers until you are officially ready to make the switch. This ensures we don't miss importing any new subscribers during this transition phase.

Once you are ready to officially go live, just click on 'Go live' on the top banner of your status page (now in blue).

Then, we will do the rest and your page will be officially live for your customers!

🤔 FAQs

⏭️ What types of subscribers are migrated from Atlasssian's Statuspage?

As part of the migration, once you are ready to go live, all email subscribers will be automatically subscribed to your status page. We will not migrate webhook, Slack, or SMS subscribers at this time.

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