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Scheduling an event in a specific calendar
Scheduling an event in a specific calendar

Instructions for creating an event in a particular Google Calendar. Engineering Team avatar
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🧐 What should this look like?

When you're successfully set up, you should be able to schedule an event within a specific shared calendar, such as Incident debriefs:

🤔 What if I don't see this?

There are two reasons you might not be able to do this:

  1. You're not subscribed to the calendar

  2. You don't have the correct permissions to create an event within this calendar

1️⃣ Checking you're subscribed

Head to Google Calendar. If you can see the calendar you're required to create the debrief in in the sidebar (under Other calendars or My calendar), you are successfully subscribed.

If you cannot see the correct calendar, copy the calendarID we provided in the app.

Then head back to Google Calendar and hit + next to Other calendars and choose Subscribe to calendar. Paste the calendar ID here.

2️⃣ Checking you have the right permission

Click the three dots next to the specific calendar and choose Settings. You'll have the correct permission if it says you can Make changes to events. If you see something else, you'll need to ask the calendar owner to grant permission to you (or more helpfully, your whole user group) - instructions are here.

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