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How to sync Datadog data with using catalog importer

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Catalog Importer is a great way to sync data from all your other systems to A popular source is Datadog, below are the steps needed to run the catalog importer to create Datadog teams and services.

1️⃣ Download the catalog-importer tool following the instructions here

2️⃣ Create an API key with read/write access to the Catalog here and set it as an environment variable called INCIDENT_API_KEY

3️⃣ Run catalog-importer init to create a new folder/config

4️⃣ Drop the importer.jsonnet file I've attached below in the folder you created above

5️⃣ Head to Datadog and create an Application Key and API key.

6️⃣ Set the DATADOG_APPLICATION_KEY environment variable to the app key and DATADOG_API_KEY as the API key

7️⃣ Run catalog-importer sync --config=importer.jsonnet

8️⃣ See all the data in your Catalog!

Please find below the config file for creating Datadog services and teams.

Please reach out if you run into any issues!

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