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Cover me, overrides and schedules
Cover me, overrides and schedules

See how you can request cover, override and view your schedules in the dashboard, slack and mobile! Engineering Team avatar
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When you or your team member has built schedules for your On-call, you are now able to view them from the dashboard or your mobile.


Just head to your Schedules and you'll be able to view the final schedule, but also add overrides.


In mobile, you'll be able to view your schedules or all schedules. Just open the mobile app and click the calendar icon to get to the screen.

Sync your on-call shifts to your calendar

Bring your own or all shifts to your Google or Outlook calendar by just copying a URL.

1️⃣ Head to schedules

2️⃣ Click sync schedule from the top right

3️⃣ Choose if you want your shifts or all shifts from the schedule

4️⃣ Copy the URL and bring it to your calendar app!

Cover me

Ask for cover for a shift and we’ll send notifications to the people in your schedule to ask, and if they say yes - we’ll let you know it was accepted! If accepted, an override is created automatically.

When requesting cover, the cover request will be sent to all people in the schedule. When someone has accepted the request, we will remove the possibility from others accept it and you will get a confirmation who has taken the shift. You can request for cover for partial hours too.


1️⃣ Type /inc cover me to any channel the slackbot is in.

2️⃣ This will then open up a screen to add details of the shift you want covering for

3️⃣ Add more details why you need cover

4️⃣ Receive a confirmation of the request


To request cover in mobile, head to Schedule view and click the top right icon and choose the 'Request cover' -tab.

Below you'll also see how a cover request looks like when someone is in the receiving end. After someone has accepted cover, the override will be made automatically.


If someone can’t make a shift because they are on holiday or have an appointment, anyone can create an override by choosing the shift and the person and choosing the time. This can be done via mobile or the dashboard.



To create an override in mobile, head to Schedule view and click the top right 'person' -icon and then the 'Create override' -tab.

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