Sometimes, you just need to pull in someone else to help resolve an incident, or when you realise the blast radius is a little larger than anticipated... 😳

There are 2 ways you can escalate in

  • Hard escalation via PagerDuty/Opsgenie: if you're managing an on-call rota, we can help you page someone directly from within Slack

  • Soft escalation via you can send an email, SMS, Slack Direct Message or Slack ephemeral message to the right person

💡We're working on our own paging solution - get in touch to tell us your wishlist!

🚨 Hard escalations via PagerDuty/Opsgenie

Once you've set up you've added PagerDuty or added Opsgenie to, escalating is as simple as typing /incident escalate or /incident page.

💡 Why do you need them is what gets included in any escalation alerts, notifications or phone calls - so it's worth spending a moment making it descriptive! 👇

Where we can, we'll show whatever is configured in OpsGenie and PagerDuty, so if you've set different escalation policies for different services, we'll show you those by default.

Once you've escalated, we keep you updated on what we've done, and when you can expect someone to join.

🛎 Soft escalations via email/SMS/DMs

Sometimes, an escalation can be as simple as sending someone a text message or a direct Slack message.

You can do that with's Workflows directly without the help of PagerDuty: the Trigger might be e.g. the severity of the incident (Critical incidents get escalated), and the Steps might be an SMS to the CTO, an email to the Director of Platform...or all at the same time!

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