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Requesting Additional GitHub Permissions
Requesting Additional GitHub Permissions

Explains why we are asking for additional GitHub permissions

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We're in the process of building an exciting new feature: GitHub PRs as incident attachments. Soon, when you post a GitHub PR in a Slack Channel, we’ll offer the ability to ‘attach’ it to your incident.

This means:

1️⃣ You’ll be able to view the PR in Attachments (in Slack via /inc attachments, and also in the Incident Home)

2️⃣ We’ll notify the incident channel when a PR is merged

3️⃣ We’ll comment on the PR (if it's in a private repo) with a link to the related incident, so it's easy to find the incident in the future

4️⃣ 🔜 We are hoping to build more functionality in this space - e.g. automatically attaching a PR if it has INC-123 in the PR title.

Although the feature is not quite live yet, GitHub is getting ahead and asking for those permissions already.

You don't have to accept the new permissions right away

If you prefer, you can wait until the feature is live and we publish more details about the feature before you opt into the new permissions.

If you decide to opt in later, your existing permissions won’t be affected. That means your GitHub integration won’t be affected in any way - it will work just like it does now. Business as usual!

Opting in now might just save you from a few clicks or an integration reinstall when the feature goes live.

If you have any questions at all, please drop us a line at [email protected]

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