Currently, you can attach PagerDuty Incidents, GitHub Pull Requests and Zendesk tickets to an incident.

Attachments allows you to connect something from another system into

To attach something, you simply need to paste a link into an incident channel:

An image showing asking if you want to connect a GitHub PR.

You can view attachments in Slack (via /incident attachments) and in the Web UI:

An image showing an attachment in Slack.

An image showing an attachment in the web UI.

Once it's attached, we'll help you out wherever we can.

We'll comment on the PR (if it's in a private repo) with a connection back to the incident, so it's easy to find in the future

An image showing commenting on a GitHub Pull Request.

When a Pull Request gets closed or merged, we'll let you know in the channel

An image showing notifying the incident channel when a PR is merged.

To start using the feature, paste a GitHub link into an incident channel and we'll do the rest!

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