How to integrate your account with Vanta

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You can integrate Vanta with your account!

Using Vanta's Connectors API you can connect your Vanta account to track any follow-ups matching the conditions you define as Security Tasks in Vanta.

🤔 What can I do with this integration?

1️⃣ Auditing of users with access to your account, and of those with elevated privileges. This lets your Vanta auditor quickly and painlessly check that you're being careful with giving out admin/owner privileges, and provides evidence that leavers are locked out quickly.

2️⃣ Track follow-ups as 'security tasks' inside Vanta: this lets security teams have their incident follow-ups tracked in Vanta, so they can provide evidence that they're meeting any SLAs on them (e.g. 'we complete all security tasks within 2 weeks, in compliance with SOC II').

🔌 How do I set this up?

1️⃣ Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or at [email protected] to ask us to turn on this integration for you!

2️⃣ Navigate to the integrations settings within and log-in to Vanta. We'll bounce you straight to Vanta's app and ask you to accept the security policies.

3️⃣ Add conditions to incidents that should have their follow-ups tracked in Vanta.

It's as easy as that!

If you'd like us to enable this for your organisation, please get in touch at [email protected]!

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