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Creating a Slack admin for privileged Slack access
Creating a Slack admin for privileged Slack access

We recommend having a Slack user that's just for Here's how to set that up. Engineering Team avatar
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If you need to give privileged Slack access, we recommend creating a Slack account just for that purpose, because:

  • channels created by this user will still say 'Created by', keeping things nice and clear

  • if this user is invited to private incidents, it will not expose private data to anyone, since no one should log in with this Slack account

  • this user will receive 'channel archived' notifications for all incidents

Neither nor Slack will charge for this account. Slack does not charge for accounts that have not been logged in to for more than 14 days (see their fair billing policy). This type of account is sometimes referred to as a 'service account' in Slack's documentation.

Here's how to create a Slack user for

1️⃣ Create a new user in Slack

Follow Slack's latest guide here. We recommend using an email list address, such as [email protected].

2️⃣ Accept the invitation

Make sure to set the name to " Admin", so it's clear to everyone what the account is for.

3️⃣ Upgrade the account's role

Log in as a Workspace Owner or Admin and upgrade the new account's role, using Slack's guide.

4️⃣ Connect the user to

Make sure you're logged in to Slack with the Admin account, then open your Security settings and click "Connect" next to "Privileged Slack access".

Click "Add to Slack", then "Allow".

That's it - you're connected 🎉

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