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🎮 What our GitLab integration can do

1️⃣ Export your incident follow-ups to GitLab

You can export your follow-ups to GitLab. We'll sync the status of your tasks, so you can work in GitLab without worrying about updating statuses manually in!

You'll see the option to export your follow-ups from the incident homepage:

2️⃣ Link GitLab issues to your follow-ups.

You can copy the reference of issues you already have and linked them back to your follow-ups.

3️⃣ Bulk Exports through the Follow-ups tab.

Select all the follow-ups you'd like to publish in one go and export to GitLab through bulk actions.

4️⃣ Attach GitLab MRs to incidents from slack

You can attach GitLab MRs to your incident directly from the incident channel.

5️⃣ Attach GitLab MRs to incidents from GitLab

You can also attach an MR by mentioning the incident number in the MR title or source branch.

🛠 Setting Up

Adding GitLab to is simple.

1️⃣ Create a Bot User in Gitlab

Create an account for to use. Feel free to use our logo as an avatar to make it clear who is commenting on your MRs.

🔈 The bot user will need permissions to view merge requests.

For this the Guest role will be suitable for public and internal projects on self-hosted instances. For cloud-hosted instances, the Guest role is suitable only for public projects.

If the Guest role is insufficient for your project, we recommend assigning the Reporter role to your bot instead.

🔗 See Permissions and roles

2️⃣ Select Manage Members in your top level GitLab group

Adding the user here will provide us with access to all the subgroups and projects of this group.

3️⃣ Invite your bot user as a Guest to your Group

Make sure you invite the users to all the highest level groups in your organisation that you want to have access to.

4️⃣ Go to Settings > Integrations

Hit Connect next to GitLab.

5️⃣ Install

We'll connect to all GitLab groups that you invited the bot user to.

That's it! 🎉

If you run into any issues, get in touch. 👋

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