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Getting your status page ready to go 'live'
Getting your status page ready to go 'live'

Find a list of items to consider before turning on your status page for your customers

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Creating your first status page within should only take a few minutes. You can then tangibly see what your page could look like and get any other pieces in place before you officially 'go live.'

This article walks through some of the things you may want to consider before officially turning your Status Page on for your customers.

🔒 Add your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Under Status Page Settings ➡️ Basic Settings, you can add a link to your organisation's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

This will provide the terms of engagement between you and your customers and additional information on how their information will be collected. If you have any questions or concerns, we'd suggest reaching out to your legal team for more clarification.

🕷️ Show in search results

We currently default your newly created Status Page to not be shown in search results, as you may be testing and playing around.

Once you are ready to turn on your new status page, we'd suggest ticking the box for 'Show in search results' so that your customers can easily find your status page. This can be found under Status Page Settings ➡️ Basic Settings.

🏗️ Enable additional settings

There are a bunch of settings that you may want to enable for your public status page that may be helpful for you. You can:

  • Add Google Analytics tags

  • Add a reply-to email address for your email subscribers

  • Add a support URL to link from your public status page

  • Remove ability to subscribe to incidents or your status page in general

All this and more can be found under Settings.

📛 Set up your custom domain

One of the last steps before you are ready to go with your shiny new status page is to set up your custom domain, if you have one! This is super easy to do if you hop on to Status Page Settings ➡️ Custom domain.

✉️ Add your subscribers

We suggest that this step happens as close to the time between when you switch from your old status page provider to our solution so we can ensure your subscribers don't miss out on any incident updates.

In order to port over your existing subscribers, please drop us a message via your Slack Connect channel, on Intercom, or at [email protected] and we will get that set up for you.

🔴 Remove your current status page integration

Last but very not least, the last step to officially move over to our page is to remove any old status page integrations from This will ensure that your responders won't accidentally update the wrong status page during an incident.

To remove your integration, please go to Settings ➡️ Integrations.

So, to recap, we'd suggest the following items to get your status page set up for your customers:

  • Adding links to your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

  • Allowing search engine indexing

  • Enabling any other settings you may want for your page

  • Setting up your custom domain

  • Porting over your list of subscribers

  • Removing your current status page integration

If you have any questions or concerns about getting your status page all set up, please drop us a message via your Slack Connect channel, on Intercom, or at [email protected].

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