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How to share your post-mortems to help your teams learn valuable lessons, powerful insights, and improvements to how you handle incidents Engineering Team avatar
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When an incident is over, creating a post-mortem is as easy as 2 clicks. But how do you ensure that you share the valuable lessons it contains wider in your company?

Rather than trying to work out the right channels or people to message, picking out emails from a long list, or going back and forth on formatting, you can use to easily share your post-mortem to a preconfigured list of Slack channels within your company using powerful templates to populate all the important information for you.

πŸ“’ Shout & share about your post-mortem

Once an incident has been closed and you've created, written, and debriefed using your post-mortem document you're in a great place to share it wider.

When viewing a closed incident within the dashboard you can see a number of final steps to complete. One of which is to share your post-mortem wider.

Clicking share will open up a modal that allows you to quickly fill out any relevant information in the templated message and send it out to the Slack channels selected.

Similar to elsewhere in the product you have a list of variables that we will populate for you allowing you to quickly share what you think is most valuable for others to know.

You can also share or reshare from the sidebar when viewing the post-mortem document options.

Once shared a message is posted in each of the listed channels and populated with the appropriate information allowing others to easily get up to speed, know whether it is of interest to them, or search for it at a later date.

✍️ Customizing your sharing templates

By default, there will be a standard template that populates your sharing message for you with a standard set of information. However often you will want to tailor this further to your audience.

To do so navigate to the template settings under Settings β†’ Post-mortems β†’ Post-mortem sharing templates.

Here you can create new templates and choose the default one for sharing.

Within the template modal, select the channels you wish to share, the general context providing information about which incident you are talking about, and any helpful sections for the post-mortem description.

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