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AI feature: Related incidents
AI feature: Related incidents

Improve your incident response with AI-powered suggestions for related incidents.

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Sometimes when you first look at an incident, you might realise that you've seen it before, or something very similar. But where? How long ago? Who was involved?

With related incidents, you can consider us as a helpful memory tool.

We use previous incidents to help elevate any context or shared learnings and potentially reduce time it might take to understand the problem again. To do this we build a unique signature for each incident using information like the summary, updates, or custom fields and combine it all together in a way that lets us use AI to spot when 2 incidents are similar to one another.

When we spot a related incident we post in channel allowing you to accept or reject. We also provide the option to pull in the incident lead so that they can help provide any additional help should it be required.

We'll only suggest one related incident at a time, but we may come back with another suggestion if the incident has been updated and it's been over 15 minutes since the last suggestion.
Once an incident is linked you can quickly browse the previous incident, see any actions or pull requests that were made, see what conclusions people came to and even look at the post-mortem.



Related incidents are available to Pro and Enterprise customers. It is "on" by default. To check if it's enabled, head to Settings > AI.


How do you use AI?

Please find more details in this article.

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