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AI feature: Suggested summaries
AI feature: Suggested summaries

Learn more about how AI-powered suggested summaries can level up your incident response.

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In the heat of the moment, responders don't always have time to digest lots of information or communicate externally what's going on. Often it's hard to switch context and spend some precious minutes repeatedly updating summaries or statuses.

This is where suggested summaries comes in.

We take a collection of information drawn from the incident and use AI to help pull out the important information for you such as the problem, the impact, anything that may have caused it, and the next steps to that will be taken to help resolve it.

This lets you quickly confirm if the summary is accurate and edit it if you want more detail before rapidly getting on with resolving the incident. Overall, this means your incident summaries are more up to date and in a standard format - allowing newcomers to quickly understand where the incident is and help out.



Suggested summaries are available to Pro and Enterprise customers. It is "on" by default. To check if it's enabled, head to Settings > AI.


How do you use AI?

Please find more details in this article.

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