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AI feature: Assistant
AI feature: Assistant

Unlock the power of your incident history with Assistant, our AI-powered Insights co-pilot.

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Assistant is an AI feature aimed at simplifying historical incident analysis, by exploring patterns, spotting anomalies, and building insightful charts.



Assistant is available to Pro and Enterprise customers. It is "on" by default. To check if it's enabled, head to Settings > AI.


What questions can Assistant answer?

Assistants knowledge of your incident history is powered by a single table, aggregated by incident. This table is equipped with:

  • Incident IDs

  • Type, Severity, Status & Mode

  • Summary

  • Names of the incident reporter, lead and active participants

  • Timestamps for your incident lifecycle

  • Custom fields

  • Workload

  • The number of Follow-ups & Actions completed/outstanding

This enables Assistant to answer questions like:

  • What is causing incident workload in my team?

  • How is median time to mitigate changing over time?

  • Which teams have the most outstanding follow-ups? Does that increase mean time to resolution?

Since the data is aggregated by incident, Assistant can't answer questions on an individual basis on Workload, Post-Incident Tasks or Follow-ups.

How do you use AI?

Please find more details in this article.

How do you handle private incidents?

No data from private incidents is accessible via Assistant.

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