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Installing in 30 seconds
Installing in 30 seconds

Create an account and install for the first time

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There are just 3 steps:

1️⃣ Sign Up (via Slack)

2️⃣ Select your integrations

3️⃣ Add to Slack

A couple of notes:

  • You will need a Slack admin to install us due to Slack's permissioning model.

  • The app uses /inc and /incident as slash commands. If you already have an app installed or install one after ours that uses either of these commands, then just note that Slack will default to using the most recently installed app when that command is run.

1️⃣ Sign Up (via Slack)

From the sign-up page, you'll be asked to 'Sign in with Slack'.

We'll create an account for you and store some basic information, like your name and avatar. We'll also ask for a restricted set of permissions in order for to work. Read more in our Security FAQs.


2️⃣ Select your integrations

This is just so we get a sense of the most-used tools in our user base. We explain how to set up your integrations ➡️ here.

3️⃣ Add to Slack

Last step: 'Add to Slack'.

When you've done this, we'll create you an #incidents channel, and install the app into your workspace.

...all done! ⚡️

Everyone in your Slack workspace can now use — they simply need to go through the same 'Login with Slack' flow. They will not be asked to 'Add to Slack' - that step only happens once.

Let's go declare some incidents!

Having issues installing? Chat to us on Slack or jump on a 1:1 call and we'll get it sorted in no time!

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