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Installing in 30 seconds
Installing in 30 seconds

Create an account and install for the first time

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There are just 3 steps:

  1. Sign Up (via Slack)

  2. Select your integrations

  3. Add to Slack

Note: you will need a Slack admin to install us due to Slack's permissioning model.

1. Sign Up (via Slack)

From the sign-up page, you'll be asked to 'Sign in with Slack'.

We'll create an account for you and store some basic information, like your name and avatar. We'll also ask for a restricted set of permissions in order for to work. Read more in our Security FAQs.


2. Select your integrations

This is just so we get a sense of the most-used tools in our user base. We explain how to set up your integrations ➡️ here.

3. Add to Slack

Last step: 'Add to Slack'.

When you've done this, we'll create you an #incidents channel, and install the app into your workspace.

...all done! ⚡️

Everyone in your Slack workspace can now use — they simply need to go through the same 'Login with Slack' flow. They will not be asked to 'Add to Slack' - that step only happens once.

Let's go declare some incidents!

Having issues installing? Chat to us on Slack or jump on a 1:1 call and we'll get it sorted in no time!

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