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How we calculate your number of seats

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Our plans are all offered on a per-responder basis and can be unlocked on monthly or annual billing. You can manage your billing information in the Billing settings.

💡 Both monthly and annual billing are available on Starter, Pro and Enterprise Plans.

⭐️ Head to our Pricing page to see all plans and information!

📅 Monthly billing

If you pay monthly, we’ll automatically:

  • Calculate your number of responders based on product usage; and

  • Bill your credit card accordingly at the end of each month, based on the cumulative number of responders that you have accrued since installing

🧧 Annual billing

If you pay annually:

  • When you sign up, you’ll decide how many responders you would like for the year based on your internal estimate.

  • You’ll be charged upfront for a 12-month contract for this number of responders.

  • If you grow faster than planned and have more responders than you estimated, we will automatically:

    • Adjust your number of responders based on product usage; and

    • Bill you at the end of each month (either automatically via credit card or by invoice) for the additional responders pro-rated for the remainder of the year

📟 On-call responders

If you are adding users when creating schedules who don't have On-call enabled, we'll send you a confirmation modal below to ask after you try to save a schedule.

🚨 You can manually remove/downgrade responders from the dashboard at any time if e.g. one of your responders gets promoted to a managerial oversight role, or leaves your company.

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