Connecting Jira to track incident tasks

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incident.io integrates with Jira so you can colocate follow-ups of incidents with your teams’ planned work.

🎮 What we can do with Jira

There are 2 main features incident.io support with Jira:

Exporting follow-ups as Jira tickets

📤 With Jira connected to incident.io you can export follow-ups via the web dashboard and our Slack app. Information on the ticket such as its title, assignee, and completion is synced back to incident.io, updating the corresponding follow-up.

🤖 You can also configure this to have them automatically exported based on attributes of an incident. This ensures that tickets are created in the right Jira projects without incident responders having to think about it.

Syncing incidents to Jira

When enabled, a Jira ticket will be created to represent each incident in Jira. We automatically sync the incident ticket when the incident is changed in incident.io.

Just like auto-exporting follow-ups, you are also able to configure exactly which Jira projects to create tickets in based on an incident’s attributes.

If an incident has a Jira ticket associated with it, we will mark it as related to any exported follow-ups.

🛠 Setting Up

We recommend connecting Jira to incident.io using a dedicated service account. Any actions incident.io takes within Jira will appear as actions taken by the connected user. Therefore, setting up a dedicated account (e.g.: [email protected]) will make that clear and avoid confusion.

1️⃣ Go to Settings > Integrations

Hit Connect next to Jira (using Jira on-prem? Get in touch!).

2️⃣ Authorize incident.io to access your organization's workspace

Ensure that you are logged in with the right user and select the right site you want to connect to.

That's it! 🎉

If you run into any issues, get in touch 👋

☑️ Enabling multiple Jira sites

Depending on your billing plan, you may be able to enable multiple Jira sites to be used in incident.io, allowing incident.io to create tickets in multiple Jira sites.

You can do this by clicking on the edit button next to the site name in the Jira integration settings page, where you will be able to enable more sites.

If you don’t see the desired sites, make sure the connected Jira user has access to the desired sites in admin.atlassian.com, then proceed to click on the “Connect another site” button to repeat the steps above to give incident.io access to the desired sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support Jira Components?

Yes, Components are treated as optional fields within your template.

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