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Nudges allow to you remind responders to take a certain action, such as providing an incident update, on a schedule that you can define. comes out of the box with a number of pre-set nudges. We'll prompt you to:

  • Set an incident lead.

  • Provide an incident update.

  • Update your status page, if you have one.

  • Set an incident summary.

  • Accept, decline or merge incidents that are being triaged.

  • Close an incident, if the channel has been inactive.

If you're on Pro or Enterprise, you'll be able to create new nudges, and edit existing ones, or disable them entirely. Editing includes the ability to customise the message that is sent in incident channels, and to configure the frequency with which those nudges are repeated.

By default, we run nudges using smart scheduling, which is designed to minimise the noise within your incident channels. We do this by adapting the schedule that the nudge is run on based on activity within the incident. For example: if another nudge was just sent, we might delay the next nudge by a few minutes.

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