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Connecting Zendesk to collaborate on incidents

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During an incident, communication with your customers is key!

With we can help. We'll enable your incident response team to communicate better with your support team, providing updates on both sides.

This integration allows you to link Zendesk tickets directly with your incident, relaying comms between the two places and ensuring everything is well connected. Engineers will have visibility on communications coming from your customers and support agents will be kept up to date on ongoing issues.

Read on to find out how to get started!

🛠 Setting up

You can add Zendesk to and configure the settings in just a few clicks.

1️⃣ Go to Settings → Integrations

Scroll down to "collaborate" and click "Connect" next to Zendesk

2️⃣ Type in your subdomain

Click Go to Zendesk and approve authorisation of

3️⃣ Copy the token provided

Click the Install the Zendesk app button

4️⃣ Paste in the token into the Zendesk UI

Press Install to complete

Once your account is connected you can start powering up your teams!

🖇 Attaching tickets

Now that your account is connected you can start to attach tickets to your incidents.

When your support agents are viewing a new ticket they will have a snapshot into any ongoing incidents you and your responders are managing.

They’ll be able to search for incidents with certain keywords, to check if the ticket in front of them is related to an existing incident.

When the agent finds the relevant incident, they’ll be able to attach it from within Zendesk and have visibility on any updates.

Additionally, if a Zendesk ticket link is pasted into an incident channel this will attach the ticket to the incident.

💡Top tip! If you would like to appear at the top of your app list in Zendesk, learn how to reorder your apps here.

👀 Ticket updates

Once a Zendesk Ticket is attached, we'll keep it in sync with an incident.

Any updates on the incident - such as a change in severity, or a status update from your incident lead - are added as internal notes on the ticket.

Similarly, any comments on the ticket are relayed into the incident channel.

🆕 Updating your incident channel

With this integration we'll make it easy for everyone involved in an incident to get updates.

  • Attaching tickets pushes a notification to your incident channel
    This gives responders a quick insight into customer communications and start to get an understanding of the potential impact of the issue.

  • Responses and internal notes in Zendesk are pushed to your incident channel.
    This gives your responders real time updates directly from customers with information that could help them to debug the issue.

🏷 Tagging tickets

Any Zendesk user will know the power of the tag and when it comes to it's no different!

Every time an incident is attached to a ticket a tag will be added (incident/[id]). If you decide that the ticket isn't related to the incident, you can simply remove it.

Tagging incidents will also allow you to perform bulk actions.

  • Attach multiple tickets to ongoing incidents

  • Remove tickets from ongoing incidents

Tags will allow you to get a snapshot into the scale of an incident and provide important data for your post incident process.

📕 Catalog types

When you connect Zendesk, we'll pull through organisations from Zendesk into Catalog. This will then allow you to create a custom field based on that Catalog type. This is useful as a way to tag which customers are affected by an incident without having to manually upload a customer list to via a separate sync process.

We hope you love the Zendesk integration as much as we do! If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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