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Connecting Linear to track incident tasks

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Using Linear to track your team's tasks? Using Linear to triage your team's tasks?

This is how you can export your incident to-dos to Linear to keep everything centralized, and automatically assign tasks according to your incident schedules.

🎮 What we can do with Linear

✨ Assign triage tickets automatically

If you use On-call with, you can combine this with Linear's Triage functionality to automatically action triage tasks to who is currently on call on your schedules.

➡️ Exporting follow-ups

1️⃣ Export your incident follow-ups to Linear;

2️⃣ Sync the status of your tasks between Linear and, so you can work in Linear without worrying about updating statuses manually in!

3️⃣ Bulk Exports through the Follow-ups tab.

4️⃣ Export templates, this enables you to pre-set values to fields that can be used when exporting follow-ups.

5️⃣ Auto-exports to Linear, you can automate the export process of follow-ups based on certain incident criteria, such as severity, and specific custom fields such as responsible teams

... get in touch to give us your wishlist!

🛠 Setting Up

Adding Linear to is simple.

1️⃣ Go to Settings > Integrations

Hit Connect next to Linear.

2️⃣ Log into Linear

💡We currently only support one single Linear workspace.

3️⃣ Enable a Triage action for your team on Linear

In, select Notify or Assign as a Triage action and click Use schedule to pick which schedule you want to automatically use.

That's it! 🎉


What follow-up data is synced to and from Linear?

  • Status, Title, Description, and Assignee will all go from Linear to incident.

  • The Title and Description fields will go from incident to Linear.

What schedule data is synced to Linear?

  • Schedule name and times for the next 5 weeks will go from incident to Linear.

If you run into any issues, get in touch 👋

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