Use policies to enforce your organisation rules within incident.io

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You can use policies to define rules about how your organisation concludes incidents. If you break these rules, we'll send you a message in Slack for realtime feedback, and highlight ongoing policy violations in a daily report.

Creating a policy

To create a policy, go to the incident.io dashboard and head to Settings > Policies and click the New policy button.

From here, fill out the fields in the form:

  • Select a policy type of Follow-up. Currently follow-ups are the only supported type, but we'll be adding more in the future!

  • Give your policy a name & description, e.g. All critical incidents must have follow-ups completed within 2 days.

  • If you want to limit your policy to certain incidents, select some filters from the 'incident conditions' section.

  • Choose the time period that you want your policy to be enforced from, e.g. I want this to happen within 3 days of incident closure.

  • Select the requirements of your policy - eg. I want all follow-ups to be in a completed status.

Now press the Create button. We'll prompt you to decide if this policy should retroactively apply to existing incidents, choose your option and hit Confirm to finish creating your policy.

Viewing policy violations

Once you've created a policy, whenever you view an incident with follow-ups that violate your policy, the violation will be highlighted for you.

In addition to this, you can see this violations directly on the follow-ups page.

Getting notified about policy violations

In addition to viewing violations within the incident.io dashboard, we'll send you a Slack message once you begin violating a policy.

Scheduling a report

You can stay on top of things by heading to Settings > Policies and scheduling a report to run every day, week or month. This will message to a Slack channel and/or e-mail address of your choice. that summarises how many incidents are violating each policy.

โš ๏ธ Policy warnings

You can configure a policy to warn the responsible user before a violation is set to occur by enabling this option within the Settings โ†’ Policies โ†’ Edit Policy page, and setting the amount of days.

This will send the policy responsible user a Slack message to nudge them as a reminder, as well as highlighting to them any upcoming violations within the web dashboard.

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