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Can we run fake incidents to sandbox
Can we run fake incidents to sandbox

Declaring test incidents to play around and test settings and flows

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Sometimes, you just want to practice with without the whole company knowing, and without messing up your lovely incident library with fake data 😅

Luckily, we support test incidents for exactly this use case!

🤔 What is a test incident?

Test incidents are almost exactly the same as normal incidents: you can set summaries, leads, escalate to others, create workflows, and receive nudges.

The only differences are:

  • We won’t announce it in the #incidents channel

  • We won’t include it in your incident library, or calculate it as part of Insights

  • We'll make it clear in the incident homepage that this is a test incident

⛔️ Our Statuspage integration is disabled in a test incident. This is a safety measure to avoid people updating public Statuspages when you're just trying the tool out.

🧪 Creating a test incident

Type /incident test from any Slack channel to start a test incident 👇🏼

We'll give you visual cues that an incident is a test incident, and allow you to turn it into a real incident if you made a mistake!

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