Workflows can be used to automate parts of your incident response, such as sending email communications or escalating to an on-call rota.

By default, workflows won’t run on private incidents. This is because certain workflow steps – like emailing information about an incident to a mailing list, or inviting people to the channel – could bypass the membership protections that apply to private incidents.

However, you can enable this feature as an account Owner.

🔓 Turning on workflows on Private Incidents

If you’re sure you want to run a workflow against private incidents, we permit account owners to create private workflows.

All the owner needs to do is tick the “Run this workflow for private incidents” checkbox when creating or editing their workflow:

Once enabled, this workflow will apply to both private and public incidents.

🚨 The responsibility is on the account owner to ensure the workflow is safe, and doesn’t expose more of the private incident than they intend.

👓 What do non-Owners see?

We restrict this feature to account owners as only those users are able to see all incidents, irrespective of privacy settings.

Other users will be able to see the private workflows, but will be presented with a banner warning that only account owners may modify them:

If they mouseover any of the buttons, they’ll be presented with a clear warning, to make it obvious why they can’t take this action:

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