There are quite a few handy shortcuts in

πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™‚οΈThe One Command to Rule Them All

If you have to learn just one command, it's /inc while in an incident's #inc-... Slack channel - it will pop up a menu of all the actions you can run on that incident 😍

πŸ’‘ /inc in any other channel will pop up the incident creation form

⚑️ Other super-commands


From an incident's #inc-... Slack channel, you can react to messages with:

πŸ’₯ :boom:

Turns the message into an Action

πŸ“Œ :pushpin:

Pins the message to the incident's timeline

Slack Commands


/incident help

See information on how to get help




Create an incident

/incident lead

Make someone the incident lead

πŸ’‘ /incident lead [me|@user] to auto-fill the lead

/incident close

Close the incident

/incident severity

/incident sev

Upgrade and downgrade severities

πŸ’‘/incident {severity|sev} [level] to auto-fill the severity

/incident roles

/incident role

View, assign and unassign roles during the incident

/incident field

/incident fields

/incident customfield

/incident customfields

Manage custom fields for this incident

/incident summary

Update the top level summary of the incident

πŸ’‘/incident summary [description] to auto-fill the summary

/incident recap

See a summary of the incident's history so far

/incident action

/incident actions

Create and manage Actions

πŸ’‘/incident {action|actions} [description] to auto-fill an action's title

/incident rename

Change the title of the incident

πŸ’‘/incident rename [name] to auto-fill

/incident status

/incident state

Update the incident state

/incident duration

Shows how long an incident has been running

/incident accept

When an incident is in triage, it'll open the 'accept incident' modal

/incident merge

When an incident is in triage, it'll open a modal to help you merge the incident into another one

/incident decline

When an incident is in triage, it'll open a modal to let you decline the incident and provide an update


/incident update

Provide an internal status update to your team about the incident

/incident statuspage

/incident sp

Create and update your public Statuspage

/incident escalate

/incident page

Pull in other teammates for help

/incident call

Set a call link

πŸ’‘ /incident call [link] to auto-fill the link


/incident doc

/incident document

View and set postmortem docs

πŸ’‘ /incident {doc|document} [link] to auto-fill the postmortem link

/incident links

Search for useful links in the incident history

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